Ofsted Graded Good


Latest Ofsted Inspection

Stay and Play Holiday Club is regulated by Ofsted. Our last inspection was in February 2019 and we were graded Good.
Full report can be read here.

They make judgments on the care, learning and opportunities that are provided for the children in our care.

Summary of Ofsted findings

The managers, who are also jointly the provider, have worked hard to raise the quality of the provision since the last inspection. They effectively reviewed where improvements were needed to make well-considered changes. 

The environment is welcoming and friendly. The resources are organised effectively to enable children to make their own choices.

Children are happy and settled at the club. They have fun and enjoy themselves and take part in a wide range of interesting activities. Children benefit from activities that complement their time in school and which continue their learning.

Mostly children's independence is supported well. Staff balance completing tasks for them and  challenging them to 'have a go' by themselves.

Children behave well and are polite. They develop a good understanding of the rules and boundaries. Older children and staff are positive role models to younger children. Children are cared for in a happy and calm atmosphere.

Staff interact well with children to support their play and activities. The managers model good practice and support staff's practice well.

Reading with Magnifying Glass

Why is Ofsted important?

To ensure consistent high standards are maintained and children’s needs are being met.

The Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (Ofsted) regulates organisations providing education, training and care services in England.

The ratings are:

  • Outstanding: this aspect of the provision is of exceptionally high quality

  • Good: this aspect of the provision is strong

  • Satisfactory: this aspect of the provision is sound

  • Inadequate: this aspect of the provision is not good enough

A school judged good or outstanding at its most recent inspection will normally receive an inspection approximately every 4 years, to confirm that the school remains good or outstanding.